Friday, 20 October 2017

Term 4 wk 1

This week we started our topic and writing on space and we chose a planet and wrote about it. 
I chose to do mars the red planet.

Mars gets its red appearance from the iron in its soil . The name Mars came from the Roman God of War because of all the fire. 

On Thursday this week we had athletics. We walked down after lunch and started at 2 pm .
First off we had 60 metres sprint then discuss,fun relays , 100 metre sprint and High jump.
I came first in high jump and jumped 1.13 meters. I was really exited and happy when I made it first place in high jump.

This week for maths we did bar graphs ,fractions and percentages.
We had to find the fraction of the amount then simplified it and then turned it in to a percentage .

Today Friday we have Grandparents day and my granny came and looked at all my work.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

wearable arts

We got our idea for our costume  from the Day of the dead. The day of the dead is when they remember the deceased ones. They leave gifts for them at there grave so the can have something in the afterlife.

We have made a mask and a hat out of paper mache. The body is made of rubbish bags. The rubbish bags were cut and shaped to fit our model. The mask has traditional sugar skull patterns .

Our inspiration was seeing masks on the internet and seeing other cool costumes. we didn't do well at working together and getting it all done. We did well at painting the mask and hat. Next time we could paint the mask better and finish all the work.

Monday, 28 August 2017

wk 6 work book

I have put my work book on my blog so you can see me progress thru this workbook this week.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Maths work book T3 Wk 3

This week for maths we have been finding the  probability of something happening and we have started working on ratios  . 
here is a link to a video on ratio's

Friday, 12 May 2017

Week Two Reflection

This week was book week and today was book character day and I dressed up as Wallace Footrot.
there were heaps of people dressed up. I got a book for my costume.

This week for numeracy we got our basic facts for this term and we did some MathsBuddy tasks. I did four expanded form. I did well with my MathsBuddy tasks but I need to work on some things.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Term 2 week 1 reflection

For topic & art we have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh. His art only became famous when he died, he died when he was in his 30's. He shot himself and died a couple of days later.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Week 9 reflection

This week for maths we had MM Word problems and whole class teaching.

Maths Maintenance
Term 1 Wk 9
-Remember to SMURF this and put into your numeracy folder!
1/2 of 10   5
25/100 as a decimal26
A jewellery company ordered 7 boxes of glass beads. There were 541 beads in each box. How many glass beads did the jewellery company order?3787
In 8.90, in which place is the 9?
Hundredth or Tenths? tenths
Is 4 a factor of 20?yes
3/4 of 20  15
A restaurant ordered 3 crates of strawberries. There were 615 strawberries in each crate. How many strawberries in total did the restaurant order?1845
In 1.58, in which place is the 8?
Tenths or Hundredths?oneths
Next even number after 31?33
Is 2 a prime number? yes
There are 6 diamond rings for sale at a jewellery store. Each ring costs $615. How much would it cost to buy all 6 diamond rings?3690
Write fifty-two hundredths as a decimal number.52.00
54 X 814374
Craig picked 8 baskets of blueberries. He put 600 berries in each basket. How many blueberries did Craig pick in all?4800
Write forty-eight hundredths as a decimal number.48.00
Centimetres in 5m500
25+12 = 37
A factory makes 700 elastic bands every hour. How many elastic bands will the factory make in 60 hours?4150
25 x 17 =425
Millilitres in 3L3000
Centimeters in 9m 900cm
There are 80 rows of seats in a lecture hall. Each row has 40 seats. How many seats are there in all?3200
23 x 56 =1288
Area of a square with 11m sides121
Milliletres in 5L 5000000cubic mm
Is 3/4 equal to 6/8?
Grams in 4kg400
Perimeter of a square with 5m sides 20

45 x 123 =5535
How many days are in a leap year?366
Grams in 5kg500
Is 6 a factor of 63?yes
A grocery store puts 10 stacks of yoghurt cartons on each shelf. There are 5 cartons in each stack. How many cartons of yoghurt are there on 3 shelves?150
How many sides does a hexagon have?6
Use am or pm to write 3.29 in the morning3:29am
Area of a rectangle 4cm by 7cm =28
The students at Ying's school are keeping journals. They have 4 journal-writing sessions per week. Each student writes 7 pages in each session. How many journal pages will each student write in 5 weeks?140

I felt proud with my MM and all my other math work. It felt good to get my work done and I am ready for next weeks work.

For literacy we have been doing more Anzac work and I found a really cool YouTube channel about the war.
here is a link to the channel the great war.

Today is the family fiesta or you can call it the school gala. Totara had to make cup cakes I feel proud with my cupcakes. It took me about an hour to make the cupcakes and then ice them.